Feminism And The Feminist Movement

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For this playlist I chose to focus on an overall theme of Feminism and the impact that women in popular music have through music. A feminist supports the ideals for equal rights for women. They share a common goal to achieve equal political, economic, personal, social and cultural rights. The women music genre emerged during the second-wave feminist movement. Women artists have taken to the music industry to express the idea of women rights through a feminist movement. This playlist includes eight songs from today’s popular music, each artist’s expresses feminism in their own way. Touching on topics from a personal aspect to the overall ideals of women’s rights.
1. Little Mix “Salute”

In this military- inspired song the British girl group mix will inspire you too keep fighting. In this song the texture can be considered thick, there is a lot of different instruments and electronic beats incorporated. The rhythm is fast paced, heavy, with a driving beat. The melody is repetitive and complex. This song connects to the overall theme of feminism, by the female group promoting “We’re standing strong, we carry on.” For example in the music video the women are in the front and the backup dancers are men standing in the shadows. This is group of women is “representing all the women”.
2. Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

In this song by Lorde the song begins smooth and slow expressing as she has been “touch with pain”. As the song progresses the drums begin to start and the tempo

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