Feminism And The Feminist Movement Essay

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At its very core, the feminist movement aims to create gender equality. However on the individual level, feminism becomes a lot more nuanced, as feminists come from many different backgrounds, have many different experiences, and identify themselves in many different ways. Feminism is a movement for everyone, not just women, as it also addresses many other issues as a result of intersecting identities. Although gender equality seems like a logical enough goal, many people are afraid to identify specifically as feminists, even if they agree with the concept. Much of the hesitancy to self-identify as a feminist comes from the plethora of negative stereotypes that surround the word. These stereotypes are not only harmful to the movement as a whole, but to the people who believe in the message but don’t get involved because they fear the social repercussions. Were it not for the negativity associated with feminism that blocks its true goal, more people would be likely to identify as feminists. Perhaps the most common misconception that men, and even some women, have about feminism is that all feminists are bra-burning, man-hating lesbians. This single stereotype can be dissected into three parts which all aim to discount the feminist message. The idea of bra burning has been associated with the feminist movement since 1968 when the New York Radical Women protested the 1968 Miss America pageant, catapulting the second wave feminist movement into the eyes of the media. No bras

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