Feminism And The Men 's Rights Movement

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In America, there is a war raging. This war is not fought with guns blaring and casualties strewn across the battlefield. It is a far more subtle war that divides to its very core. There seems to be no way out and the victory of one side over the other will mean that no one wins. This war is engrained into our society in the pursuit of equality between men and women. However, there is a divide within this pursuit, a tendency to side with one extreme or the other: modern feminism and the men’s rights movement. These paradigms, on the surface, seem harmless. However, when taking a closer look, the issues that are addressed in these movements are further cause for the division of men and women. While promoting the idea of equality, at the…show more content…
(pg 88).” While it is a common belief that men are trying to oppress women, as Meacham stated, that cannot speak for the majority of men who have women in their lives that they love and care about. To begin, sexual harassment did not really start to become an issue that needed to be addressed until women started entering the workforce. Feminists argue that women are disadvantaged in the workforce because they are viewed as a sexual object. Therefore, stricter enforcement against sexual harassment in the workplace was implemented. However, the men’s rights movement argue that women are capable of exploiting their sexuality to ensnare them into being convicted of sexual harassment that, even though initiated by the woman, is charged as the man’s fault. Secondly, equality in the workplace is also a common issue. Many different studies have shown that women make only seventy seven cents for every dollar that a man makes. Men’s rights activists (MRAs) argue that this statistic is biased, basing it only on average yearly income and not taking into account amount of hours worked, years of experience and time taken off. MRAs also argue that men comprise the majority of high risk occupations leading to a significantly higher rate of male workplace injuries and casualties. Education is another governmental issue that is commonly argued within the gender wars. According to Meacham, “More women are attending higher education than men. Now,

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