Feminism And The Second Wave Of Feminism

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Any given person can define feminism in a different way. Some view it as a women’s movement for women, by women and against men. It can also be hard to distinguish the different types of feminism when the more radical, outspoken people or organizations can overshadow the rest. In general, feminism is another way in which to view things, another lens in which to see the world. It is another platform for people to express themselves as whole individuals and become a voice for others that may otherwise remain unheard. Feminism as a whole takes a look at social constructs and gender norms and begins to deconstruct them to create an environment that is equal and accepting of all persons. In the second wave of feminism, many women began to break out of the roles as housewives and mothers and speak up for equality. Gloria Steinem is among many of the influential women who took the world by storm with their radical ideas of feminism and challenge the ideals that society had set forth for post-war women of the time. Before joining Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan in the formation of the National Women’s Politic Caucus, Gloria Steinem was taking care of her divorced, mentally ill mother in Toledo, Ohio. Steinem spent six years caring for her mother before she left for Smith College where she obtained a degree in government, a choice that was non-traditional for a woman at the time. After establishing herself as a freelance writer, Steinem worked for Show magazine until she was

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