Feminism And The Social, Economic, And Political Equality Of The Sexes

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Wuthering Heights: Feminism
Feminism, or “The belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.” (Elinor Burkett, Laura Brunell paragraph 1) was a very popular topic in Victorian fiction, and still is to this day with the first signs of feminist logic appearing in 3rd century BCE for the attempted appeal of women’s use of expensive goods, and continuing on to the present day third wave of feminism. Throughout history, women have been seen as objects and toys to men, in which will never have equal rights nor opportunities that men receive for their gender, living their lives in “utter boredom and lack of fulfillment.” (Elinor Burkett, Laura Brunell Prologue To a Social Movement) “Throughout most of Western history, women were confined to the domestic sphere, while public life was reserved for men.” (Elinor Burkett, Laura Brunell Introduction) Along with being shut into a domestic lifestyle, women also carried no control over their house and “could not exercise control over their own children without the permission of their husbands.” (Elinor Burkett, Laura Brunell Introduction) Books and media also kept the social stigma in place by portraying women as “silly and frivolous creatures, born to be subordinate to men.” (Elinor Burkett, Laura Brunell Influence of the Enlightenment) Around the time of the Enlightenment, which took place in the mid-seventeenth century and eighteenth century bringing forth dramatic changes in science, philosophy, society, and
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