Feminism And The World Can Be Better Place For Both Men And Women

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Emma Watson, globally renowned and beloved actor, is now a Global Goodwill Ambassador and has recently delivered a speech in which she introduced a new campaign, HeForShe, which has gone viral. Watson has chosen to focus her attention on the rising and complex topic of feminism and aims to help make it simple and easy to understand. Watson wants men to know that “gender equality is [their] issue too”, and that they too can and should stand up for the rights of both women and men (Watson). Watson believes if men advocate for feminism, the world can become better place for both men and women. Watson hopes that the advent of the HeForShe campaign will help to unify us and allow us all to step forward and speak up for gender equality. Watson makes many great points in her speech and her popularity helps to increase her message’s reach and effectiveness. However, Watson makes a few critical assumptions and slightly ignores some of the linchpins of gender discrimination. Nevertheless, Watson’s message is greatly needed to help to combat the gender discrimination that still pervades today.
Watson wants both men and women to understand the true implications of feminism and that it is not the word that is significant but the meaning behind it and the profound effects that feminism can have on making men and women equal and respectful to each other. Watson has come to understand that feminism has become an “unpopular” word that is stigmatized and believed to be anti-men; she wants
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