Feminism And Women 's Suffrage Essay

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Feminism is a critique of patriarchy, on the one hand, and an ideology committed to women’s emancipation on the other. The feminist movement can be see mainly in 3 stages in the UK. It can be argued that feminism had its day due to lack of momentum behind a third and fourth stage of its movement resulting in a decline of feminism in this generation. In this essay, I will be focusing more attention on the first and second waves of feminism compared to third stage of feminism.
The first wave of feminism in the UK was linked to women’s suffrage. Due to the male dominated society in the 1900s, opponents feared that if women had a political voice then the traditional relationship between men and women in the family and the workplace would come under threat. This meant that the women’s suffrage movement had a lot of support because of how women were treated and that they were lacking citizenship rights. After a long period of campaigning, in 1928 the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act allowed women to have the vote on equal terms with men at the age of 21. In addition, woman gained important legal rights too such as: in 1925, the law of Property Act allowed a husband and wife to inherit each other’s property, also granted them equal rights to inherit the property of intestate children , as well as in 1923 the Matrimonial Causes Act enabled women to initiate divorce proceedings on the same grounds as men.
The first wave of feminism was important in
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