Feminism, By Kenneth Allan

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This paper will explore gender roles and how they have been transformed and at times redefined. Many women wanted change and greater roles in society which lead to a movement that eventually questioned and blurred the lines between who the head of the household is and traditional gender roles. This paper will explore what is feminism, what exactly is gender and sex, is gender important, is the role of the male and female really important in today’s society and finally, why must man be men and women be woman?
To begin, what is feminism? Feminism has many meanings. Author Kenneth Allan believes that feminism is idea based that is an intrinsic to mankind, especially women, in that they want to feel a part of
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Wollstonecraft was not the only women to breach this subject. There have been many early pioneers of feminism such as: Harriet Martineau, Charlotte Gilman Perkins and many more. They all had one goal, in one way or another. That goal was and still is today to achieve economic equality along with sexual equality. Equality has no boundaries in the pure sense of the word. Women simply have asked, marched and protested for their interests to be heard and their rights to be acknowledged. It is no secret and well known, even in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 2 verse 22 it states that woman ‘Eve’ was created from a rib of ‘Adam’. This statement alone send the message to all that have read the oldest print in the world that women are domestics which are here to serve at the wishes and whims of men. For the most part of their existence, that includes stories from the Bible, movies and written historical works, women have had the same job since their creation. That job is to live a life of a domesticated individual. This does not mean slave or indentured servant but a companion and many times a confidant for the male. This role is not a shabby one at that. Many men have started conflicts and wars over women and still do the same today. During this time in history and still to date, public service and executive life has been bestowed on the male.
Every history book that anyone will read will state the same
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