Feminism: Connotations In The United States

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Feminism is a word that has many connotations in the United States. The word itself, in plain terms, has a definition along the lines of advocacy of women’s rights. Women striving towards gender equality is what comes to my mind when I think of feminism. In the rural mid-west, where I grew up, I heard many people use this term negatively. It was normal to people to use feminist and “bitch” in the same sentence. To most people a feminist meant, a woman who was “too pushy” and “unladylike.” Feminists were certainly not women who got married, became a housewife and took care of their children. They are thought of as women who got divorced, did not marry or did not have children, which in Middle America is just “weird”. This distorted view of feminists seems outdated but, it clearly still exists. I disagree with the meaning of feminism that most people I grew up with hold true. Anyone can be a feminist; the title is not…show more content…
A future in feminism is vital to the campaign for equal rights that has existed throughout all of history. Today we live in a world, still today, where females are still miss treated. However, women still fight this miss treatment today. You can see an example of this during the International Women’s Day marches this year and the pink hats. The pink hats are meant to symbolize that during any leadership administration in this country, women will be heard. And why should women not be heard? Feminist have fought hard throughout the years and have gained so much. But today, the word is losing support. As Emma Watson said in her UN speech on Gender and Equality, “…my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Women are choosing not to identify as feminists." We cannot let feminism diminish. The word itself, needs to be redefined in our generation. It needs to be stripped of the negative connotations and stereotypes. The world needs another feminist
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