Feminism : Feminism For Gender Inequality

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Feminism for Gender Inequality What is feminism? That is the question that most people find asking themselves after hearing it in the media, whether it be a petition for a law or women calling out male figures for being sexist, before we go on let 's ask ourselves a couple of questions. Are women any lesser than any man? No, most people would say that the women and the men are both equal in any aspect, in matter of fact here 's another one, do you think any man or woman have the capability of being a successful doctor? More than likely the answer is yes. Well, now let 's get into what feminism is, feminism is the belief that women are being oppressed by laws and men, additionally their motive is to make “gender equality”, but is it really though? It would seem that feminism is no more than a group of people that get together and blow suggested acts of oppression out of proportion, the questions just asked above disproved that. Feminists are extremists that will find the tiniest difference between gender to further their beliefs , for example feminists will make an argument about how in children toy departments will “segregate” boys and girls from having different sections in stores, not to mention this is an argument that they have actually made on multiple occasions. Feminists will find anything to make women appear as though they are oppressed, furthermore they will take situations that women are in and they will make the women victimized. For example a man works all
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