Feminism, Gender, And Gender Studies

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Everyone defines masculinity in a different way. Growing up masculinity was only a term for men who brought an income to the home, otherwise known as the breadwinners. However, this was the typical stereotype which men were obligated to live up too. As time is passing the term masculinity is changing and instead of defining males and females separately, it is changing into a common definition of gender. Meaning no matter if you are female or male, gender will be known as a definition for both and there will be no separation. Men and masculinities also called men studies, which was a critique to the rising men’s rights movement. It is a sub study of gender studies which gave the definition to masculinities by R.W. Connell.*** A lot of people believe feminism is what put gender in the mainstream. Years in the past we always saw men as leaders to led international relations but as times are changing females are getting in power. We tend to stereotype and automatically think this image of a man is the higher authority who is masculine and the aggressor. Women we see as like content, shy and as a victim. As times changed we saw women stand up for their rights and achieve that so-called masculine role. Feminists as always asked for equal gender rights but this raises the question about men getting equal rights as well. Men deserve equal rights like women so as a society we need to move away from the typical stereotype’s of men and just focus on the whole of a gender. Authors
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