Feminism In Feminism

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Since the beginning of the Women’s Rights Movement, society has been under the impression that women have the ability to take control over their bodies, whether that be through birth control or abortion. The truth is that merely having the “right” of a “choice” is barely a substantial platform for females of every socioeconomic background to have reproductive control. The choice should not be the long-term or sole goal of the reproductive rights movement (Price, 2010). The ability for a person to fully exercise their reproductive rights is where the paradigm shifts to form a complete movement of “reproductive justice”. That is, females have the accessibility and support to fully exercise their reproductive rights. In listening to the interview of Elaine Barney I, myself, was able to formulate a clearer consensus as to why females currently do not have full reproductive justice. In this paper, I will more specifically explain why the feminist stereotype, the opposition of the ERA, and the inaccessibility of abortion has contributed to the lack of reproductive justice in the United States. There is a misconception that Feminism is an Umbrella so to speak of all women. In reality, there are many subdivisions within the feminist spectrum, advocating for different things. The term feminism has been hyper- appropriated throughout history that it’s like a funnel used in rhetoric, that strains out the outliers in the feminist community. When people, or more so white

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