Feminism In Feminism

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Scandinavians attach their ideals and perspectives to their fictional narratives. As literature also entails, Scandinavians value egalitarianism in their society. In order to achieve an equal society, Scandinavians attempt to first instill equality amongst genders. Through Scandinavian literature and films, it has been evident that society has made successful progress towards removing traditional views. However, instead of reaching equality for both sexes the Scandinavians have evolved more towards the other side of the spectrum – feminism. So through what mechanisms does Scandinavian fiction portray the rise of feminism as the step away from masculinity? In their pursuit of gender equality, Scandinavians seem to merely deviate from male dominated perspectives and alternatively rise towards feminist ideals. Instead of leaning toward gender-neutral perspectives, some Scandinavian authors establish plotlines based around women rights. They attach feminist values to their narratives by employing mechanisms such that of undermining the patriarchy. Through the depiction of female protagonists, authors are able to successfully advocate for women rights, but at the same time they end up patronizing the opposite sex. For example in the Swedish play, The Father, traditional views of male domination are lifted through the examination of patriarchal doubts. Instead of a collective view on gender, the play portrays the superiority of women and it questions the fatherhood aspect in most

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