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Feminist has been’ going on since the early 1700’s, just to implement a brief timeline, 1777 women lost the right to vote in New York, then in 1780 women lost their right vote in Massachusetts, 1784 women lost their right to vote in New Hampshire, finally 1787 the US Constitution gave all women the right to vote except the state of New Jersey who didn’t receive their rights until 1790. (Feminism in the United States, 2016) After all has been said and done, they have successfully won equality. To hear about a feminist in America only means that equality is trying to be submitted in the area. Feminist are striving to remove all negativity and discrimination and be heard. Equality in feminism is a subset of the overall feminist movement that focuses on the basic similarities between men and women, and whose ultimate goal is the equality of the sexes in all domains. For example, Mary Wollstonecraft was an English writer, philosopher, and advocate of women's rights, who believed in equality and women's rights and she wrote on her beliefs to get the message out there. When feminist think of equality, they are thinking of equal rights, women’s being able to vote, women being able to work the same jobs as men, with equal pay. Some women are working jobs every day with minimum pay, housewives are going back to work, then you have mothers that are working and coming home doing the extra load as well. Feminist tends to hear a lot of negativity in their lives, but that does not

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