Feminism In 'Now We Can Begin'

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The purpose of this argumentative paper is the feminism that occurred in the early 1900s. “Now We Can Begin” written and compiled as a speech by Crystal Eastman in the United States during the 19th amendment about the inequality experienced in the society with women having limited rights and unequal treatment (Eastman). Women during that time would stay at home and watch over their children while they husbands would be the bread winners of the family. When Crystal Eastman wrote the speech in the 20’s, the roles played by each gender had begun to disappear as women were pursuing careers and leaving their homes to indulge in other outside activities. She wrote ab0out the plight of women and the challenging norms of gender experienced
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For instance, Eastman mentioned a solution to change the thinking and perception of future men, through educating and changing the way the boy child views women. From Eastman’s point of argument, she believes that women would raise their sons to adopt the notion that the role of women was to bear children and stay at home. From her argument, she puts the blame on the women for raising up men that have a similar mind state as those ordinary men. She writes in her speech, “Women should raise feminist sons” (Eastman). From her speech, the message she is trying to deliver is that women should bring up son that value women not just as mothers and house keepers, but also as equal contributors to the success of her family and the community. Looking at the article, she states, “What is the matter or problem with women”? It is clear that she wants to ask the question of how the world can be arranged so that women can be perceived as human beings, with the right to live freely and explore their talents and capabilities without victimization. She employs the use of pathos to make her emotions and feelings known and reach out to women by forming an emotional connection between herself and the women. Eastman blamed both women and men and criticized men for not allowing their wives to venture in other activities out…show more content…
Even though at that time women had acquired the freedom to exercise their voting right, they would still experience the notion of stereotyping women as child bearers, homemakers, and wives. Through the fruitful perseverance and persistence shown by Eastman together with other like-minded women, the freedom and rights of women would still be as it was then or slightly
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