Feminism In The Awakening

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In the TV show Lost, a character presses a button every 108 minutes because he is told that if he does not press the button, something very bad will happen. However, he does not know if something bad will happen, he is only told that something bad will happen. In Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, society tells Edna Pontellier what she is supposed to do as a woman, and she does this because society tells her to do so, thinking that women who do not are crazy. But then one day she realizes that there is no reason that she should not be an individual, and she is repressed by society because she goes against society’s expectations. The novel’s title, The Awakening, refers to Edna’s realization of society’s expectations of women and begins to express herself as an individual instead of a woman by society’s standards. Edna’s initial awakening had her start expressing herself as an individual in different ways. Edna’s personal awakening changes the way that she views herself, going from a woman who in the beginning of the book went along with society's expectations, to the end of the book where she was expressing her individuality and realizing how society tries to repress her individuality. Edna’s social awakening changes the way that she acts in society by interacting with people differently, ignoring the responsibilities society gives her, and expressing her individuality by doing things she actually wants to do. Edna’s sexual awakening changed the way that she viewed the men
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