Feminism In Wonder Woman

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During my high school career, my parents had allowed my uncle to live with us. At one point, I got upset at something inappropriate he said and I got up to leave. Immediately he got up and walked after me yelling. I locked myself in my room and listened as he shouted to my parents that I was a “stuck-up bitch who needed to learn some god-damn respect”. I told myself that I would not be quieted or spoke down on for having my own opinions. This idea that men are superior to women, and women need to be submissive to them has been ingrained into our society. With the recent release of Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, many people have called into question how well Wonder Woman—otherwise known as Diana in the movie— relates to feminism, and represents a positive image or inspirational figure for women and young girls in today’s society. One of these people is Zoe Heller, who in turn wrote the article “God’s Gift to Men”. While I don’t believe this was meant to be the typical inspiring feminist movie that tells women to act like “ballbusters”. I believe that Heller over-analyzed this movie, and tried to make it into her idea of what feminism is: where women preach about how they should be treated and how others should view themselves. Heller started off by providing a quote from the New York Times where it stated that they would be ending a campaign to make Wonder Woman into an inspirational figure. She then addresses Diana’s costume, which the director had remade to go
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