Feminism Is A Successful Global Social Movement

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Feminism is a hugely successful global social movement. Accomplishment of feminism varies in scale. On a global scale, more women have access to education and jobs because of feminism. In North America, feminism has raised awareness of issues such the rape culture and body shaming. In this movement, we give more attention to certain voices and ignored other voices. This paper takes on a critical perspective on the notion of voice. I argue that while being voiceless makes one vulnerable to oppression, being vocal about one’s inner voice can also bring on a unique set of challenges such as being confronted and ignored. Also, should we still listen to the representative voice of feminism or any social movements if it fails to represents diversity and authenticate itself. These problems of being voiceless and having voices can be solved by critical analysis of the extant systems of oppression.
The Problem of Being Voiceless
Many women from different social backgrounds have dismissed feminism and remained largely silent (i.e., they decided to be voiceless) in the movement. Their reason to remain silent varies. For instance, some women feel contend about their current situation, some do not see sexism as the most severe form of oppression, and others have an unfavorable opinion of feminism due to poor media representation. Remaining silent can be problematic. On the inner level, being voiceless can kill one’s notion of Self “which holds and molds an individual together in order to

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