Feminism Is Characterized As Being An Advocate For The

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Feminism is characterized as being an advocate for the equality of women’s rights. Radical feminism is the viewing of equal treatment in society, giving women the right of autonomy because that 's a basic human right. The accomplishment of radical feminism is to change people’s mind and how people think of women. Using music as new form of feminism and incorporating the historical events to help express the same ideas through the lyrics. Feminism has taken on a new form today and used to attract younger generations as the advancement of technology is advancing. Hidden behind lyrics are the same problems that feminism seeks to fight for. Feminism has been dated back all the way to the puritans times till present day. The first wave of…show more content…
Outlining that I am not just someone to look at and aww over, no I am the top headlining artist and having many of fans that are supporting the music they deliver. Coming from a period where women were highly sworn against joining the workforce and was to focus more on raising children and taking care of the home. For a long time women working inside of the home circulated society until the wars started happening, which caused women to have to step up and join the workforce to help keep their families operating with an income. However the idea that women should still work inside of the home is still a traditional for many women. With today’s society majority of the women in the world are employed and work somewhere whether it is full-time or part-time job. The “Queen Bee” known as Beyoncé has became a person to envy for so many reasons. A strong beautiful, graceful, partner, child-bearing young woman. As her career began she was under the management of her father. As she got older and realized that she would be taking a risk to manage her own career, fear came to mind but that didn’t stop her from achieving her goals that she wanted to pursue in her life. In her self produced documentary titled, Year of 4 she states, “As a young woman I want to set an example for women that is possible. Sometimes we don’t reach for the stars because we are satisfied with what other people say we are suppose

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