Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word

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Alyssa Hollingsworth
Inst. C. Calhoun
English 101
Expository Draft
September 4, 2015

Feminism is Not a Dirty Word
As the topic of feminism has become an arising concern in society, lots of people have associated it with a negative connotation. For centuries, the mistreatment of women have been a constant battle, and some of our generation fails to understand the concept that women are equal to men. The misconceptions and stereotypes of feminism have led people to ignore and ridicule the importance of the feminist movement. The feminist movement is not just solely limited to proving that women are equal to men, we’re also busy killing the patriarchy, slaying misogynists, fighting the battle for women of color, actively promoting LGBTQ
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Before you can choose where you stand in political topics, you have to research the topic, see what you agree with and what you don’t agree with. The same goes for the topic of feminism. According to a Huffington Post poll that started in 2013, only 20% of Americans consider themselves feminists, however, when the same people were asked if they believed women should be equal in terms of social, political and economic standards, 82% of people said they did. Feminism is so widely recognized as a negative thing, which is why only a select few identify themselves as a feminist, and this needs to change. Feminism, has been, is, and will continue to be a fight for women to get social, political and economic justice they so righteously deserve. Feminism is not a complex idea. Feminists can be any person of any gender, sexuality, religion, race or age. If you believe that women deserve the same opportunities as men, you are a feminist. The gender pay gap is real. According to the White House, women who work full time, only make 77% of what men make (Other studies have shown this percentage is closer to 84%). In the lower entry level careers, the pay gap is almost even, but as women go farther up the food chain in their careers, the gap widens between women and men, and they end up working about forty days more than men before earning the same amount of them for the previous year. From a young age, every girl can remember being told, “Sit
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