Feminism Is Not Be Viewed As A Harmful Ideology

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The modern definition of feminism: “an ideology that, in its most basic form, directly opposes sexism by supporting gender equality and portraying women and men as equal.” (Finsterbusch 59). This definition was the early direction towards treating women like human beings rather than a housebound body, and this is why feminism should not be viewed as a harmful ideology. By exemplifying the importance of the ideology of feminism, by refuting those who claim that women have used feminism to exploit their personal wants and desires, and by presenting women’s first hand encounters of inequality, case studies, sound arguments and documented research one will be persuaded that the ideology of feminism is not discrimination towards men, but rather an encouragement for a woman’s rights and equality. In the beginning of early societies, women’s rights were excluded from the big picture, and through the Women’s suffrage act an initiation of movements by feminist activists was created for a fairer life. Although the beginning of time has vanquished from a condemned society and societies have currently advanced this is the reason why attitudes need to become advanced just as well. Since feminism was a powerfully growing figure in the nineteenth century because of the popularity of the idea there were establishments made containing feminist beliefs such as the National Organization for Women and Women’s Equity Action League. Furthermore, these groups and others devotedly pushed for
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