Feminism Is The Organized Activity On Behalf Of Women 's Rights And Interests

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Everyone Deserves Respect
Throughout history, there have been many groups of women called feminists, which are women who support feminism. In history class, you hear about active feminists and their rebellions, but what does feminism mean exactly? “Feminism is the organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests” (Webster). Feminists strive for equal rights for women in politics, society, and workforce. Karen Kornbluh and Rachel Homer are two feminist writers who wrote an article, “Paycheck Feminism”, and discussed five main points for the government to refer to which would help them create equal policies for men and women. The main goal for feminism is to have respect for women in the workforce by having equal pay, same occupation opportunities as men, and to have the same public confidence in an occupation as men. Naturally, women strive for equal pay in the workforce compared to men. In history we learn that decades ago, women were paid less than men for laborious work. Many women were maids or nannies and had very low pay but were up on their feet all day working. However, in the present, women want more than just an equal paycheck. They want equal policies as well. Feminists are urging the government to equal the Social Security pay, health care costs, unemployment aid, and Medicare. According to Kornbluh and Homer, men get $14,055 annually and women extract $10,685 annually in Social Security while women make up fifty-percent of the workforce today. If the…
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