Feminism Is The Social, Political Movements And The Fight

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Feminism is the social, political movements and the fight for gender equality for women. American women have made history and brought great change by striving for equality and social justice. Opportunities have been taken away from women due to their gender. The feminist movement has been divided into two waves, the first wave which was in the nineteenth century and the second wave which started in the 1960s. This research paper will examine the biography of Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth in the first wave of feminism and how their life contributions have affected modern day women.
Sojourner Truth was an African American abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Truth was born in November 26, 1797. She was born into slavery in
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She had accomplished many things throughout her life. We will highlight some of the main areas where she impacted people with her brave contributions. According to, New York had just begun to mention the abolition of slavery in 1799, but this did not happen until 1827 and it was not soon enough for Truth. She decided to run away with her infant baby. She left her other children behind. Soon after Truth found out that her son which was 5 years old was illegally sold to a slave owner in Alabama, she then had the help of the family she was staying with and took the case to court where she won the case and was the first African American woman to win a case against a white man. In 1843, Truth named herself Sojourner Truth because she devoted her life to Methodism and anti-slavery. Truth then went on to join a group named the Northampton Association of Education which was funded by abolitionists and people who were also fighting for the rights of women and slavery. That is where Truth gave her first speech called “Aint I a Woman” She continued to have rallies of large crowds where she directly would speak about problems and write speeches to help convey her message. According to world bibliographies, “Her life story, Narrative of Sojourner Truth, cowritten with Olive Gilbert, was published in 1850. She then headed west and made stops in town after town to speak about her experiences as a slave and her eventual freedom. Her colorful and down-to-earth style often
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