Feminism : My Understanding Of Feminism

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My life as a feminist began not long ago. My personal understanding of feminism has been and remains to be limited, but I strive to broaden my understanding of feminism and keep an open mind to the new dynamics of feminism I am being introduced to. My first understanding of feminism was as a movement for the equality between men and women. This is a problematic view of feminism because it enforces the gender binary and theoretically only benefits women. My understanding of feminism grew as my understanding of oppression grew. The world is not simply women being oppressed and men benefiting from this oppression. The oppression that feminists are fighting is vastly more complicated. I see this oppression not just as the oppression of women but also of femininity. This enforces a macho mentality in male-gendered and masculine presenting people and enforces the oppression of people with feminine qualities. Because this oppression affects everyone, everyone stands to benefit from feminism. I have also learned that this oppression does not affect everyone equally. Different socio-economic standings, race, gender identity, sexuality, age etc. change how people experience oppression and the severity to which they face it. I have privilege in that I am white, middle class, cisgendered, American, english speaking, (sorta) able bodied, mentally stable to an acceptable point, (mostly) heterosexual, etc. As a feminist it is important to me to not only fight against the oppressions I
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