Feminism Of The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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Ideas of Feminism in Kate Chopin’s Works In the nineteenth century female authors began to challenge the role women played in society in their works, one of the most notable authors being Kate Chopin. Although Chopin did not declare herself a feminist or a suffragist, her novel The Awakening, and many of her short stories reflect emerging ideas of feminism. Many of her protagonists are strong women who reject the typical role of a woman during the time period. Her stories tend to focus on women discovering their identity and revolt against social norms. Chopin’s words give a voice to women struggling to find an identity not tied to a man. In Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour, both ideas of feminism and ideas going against modern feminism are found within the text. The main character is known primarily as Mrs. Mallard, and she is described as weak, because of her heart condition which results in her sister breaking the news of her husband’s death lightly, in fear of her heart not being able to take the news. Mrs. Mallard’s description of being fragile is word that doesn’t go along with ideas of feminism, which supports the theory of Chopin not being a hardcore feminist author. Upon hearing the news, Mrs. Mallard is grief-stricken, and locks herself in her room to come to terms with her husband’s death. However, she begins to feel liberated by Mr. Mallard’s death. This shows how women felt obligated to get married as their role and life, and began to feel trapped
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