Feminism, Pregnancy, And The Workplace

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Throughout North American history, women have been struggling to integrate themselves into a male dominated society. The earlier struggle was to be recognized as people, and fighting for the right to vote. While the status on the former has yet to be resolved, modern-day feminists have shifted their view to fight for equality in the workplace. Today, women can face an undefinable number of obstacles in the workforce, from unequal pay, to sexual harassment, lack of representation, and little to no accommodation for maternity status. In the articles Engineering Ignorance and Debating Difference: Feminism, Pregnancy, and the Workplace, authors Suzanne Franzway, Rhonda Sharp, Julie E. Mills, Judith Gill, and Lise Vogel, respectively explore issues women face in their workplace. Franzway, Sharp, Mills, and Gill used Engineering Ignorance to speak about the lack of gender equality in engineering. Vogel explores issues surrounding maternity in the workplace. Though both articles have come to the consensus that women face more obstacles in the workplace than men do, the two speak of two completely separate issues that feminists are attempting to eradicate. Most who have looked into the issue of feminism in the workplace understand that women must overcome many more struggles that men would in the workplace. The article, Engineering Ignorance (2009) states in the introduction that much of the work that women have done seems to become invisible to the eyes of society. It
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