Feminism, Religion, And The Internet

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Gina Messina-Dysert, Ph.D. is the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Ursuline College and co-founder of Feminism and Religion - a blog that allows for women to “share their ideas, insights, and experiences, so that this community of thinkers will be nurtured as we explore diverse and new directions” (https://feminismandreligion.com/about/). She has written many articles on feminism with a focus on ethics and theological ties, and is an activist for sexual assault prevention. In this Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion by the Indiana University Press, Dysert’s essay Roundtable: Feminism, Religion, and the Internet, focuses on the evolution of feminist studies in religion and how social media has helped create…show more content…
In being more informative than argumentative, Dysert simply goes down a list of blogs and websites online, but does not do a thorough job synthesizing this information. After finishing the essay, the reader has a much better idea of what resources were available online if they were trying to search for this information, but no greater knowledge of how technology and social media were a catalyst for change in these categories. However, Dysert does end up bringing in her own analysis and a ‘what’s next’ section at the end of her essay, but it comes a little bit too late. She mentions how the examples that she has listed are evidence of how “feminist studies in religion have evolved because of the digital world” (139), and that the examples also are “evidence of this and demonstrate that technology can create a positive impact and expand borders within the field” (139). Despite her short analysis allowing the reader to understand her references better, Dysert does not provide enough of such analysis throughout the rest of the essay. In doing so, the essay has become more horizontal instead of vertical; there are paragraphs that can be taken out of her essay and it still will be coherent and not incomplete. If Dysert had made it a
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