Feminism : The Advocacy Of Women 's Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social, And Economic Equality

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Micaela Castro English 2
Jane Eyre and Feminism

Feminism is defined as the “advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men” (Oxford Dictionary). In the past century, the standards of what is considered feminism have changed. At the time Jane Eyre was published, feminism per se did not exist yet. In the Victorian Era any actions done by women that went against the norms for women for that time period were likely considered atrocious more than rebellious. Regardless, some of those actions would have probably been considered “feminism”, even though the term did not exist so nobody called it that. Nowadays the standards of what is considered feminism is much different. The question of whether or not Jane Eyre can be considered a feminist novel, can not simply be answered with a yes or no. At the time this book was written, it would be a feminist book because it was way ahead of its time, but compared to the feminist movement of the 21st century, it would not fit the standards of what is considered to be feminist. You can not say that Jane Eyre is either a feminist book or it is not, because nothing is black and white. Besides, parameters change, and something that was once labeled as one thing doesn 't have to be labeled that forever. It 's possible for it to have been a feminist book at one point and not be one for today’s standards.
Even though “feminism” is a…
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