Feminism : The Facade Of Feminism

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Pamela Isidro
Professor Huynh
English 1A
10 December 2014
The Facade of Feminism
Feminism has been around for many years. During the 19th century, feminism has had a massive effect on the female role in society and in everyday life. The term feminism emerged from the 20th century to express a broader set goals for women around the world. The majority of women want to have the same equal rights as men and women are willing to fight until they unite and become treated equally as one. The word feminism is a complex and paradoxical term that defies a single definition. Feminism means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but primarily, it means treating women with the same respect as any other human being. The main definition for feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Feminism claims that it can both benefit women and men, but many do not agree with that solution. The word feminism has had an infamous meaning with many people. People are assume that the feminist image involves and angry, man-hating, un-attractive woman who screams about how women are treated different and unfairly around the world because of men. Many also believe that the term feminist is simply associated with women and men can not accept the expression because it is a feminine word that women have created for themselves. The major problem with feminist movement is that it perpetuates many connotations, which are simply not true, but based on…

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