Feminism : The First Wave Of Feminism

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In Disney’s animated children’s films, feminism greatly advocated for change in gender roles. Children often believe and develop in accordance with the kind of life and exposure they are subjected to at the tender age. In spite of the fact that Disney adopted animated film to sensitize the children on changes in gender roles, it is certain that children literally adopted the perception depicted in the films. In fact, it is exemplified that later generations are raised on Disney fairy tale movies’. However, the research paper will explore the extent to which feminism changed male gender roles in children 's film.
First Wave of Feminism
Disney rewrites’ tales for a particular version with a focus on American values. This has greatly changed, especially on the way in which young generation in the America think and act, in fact, it has been observed for years that how young generation think and act is similar to way based on their favourite princesses and/or princes (Gillam and Shannon, 2008). Ultimately, research indicates that children learn social cues as they imitate their favourite animated movies. Disney has released 11 theatrical features labelled as part of the Disney princess line. Research indicates that Frozen’s Anna has showcased enough to grant her recognition as an official princess (Macintyre, 2012).
In history, during pre-transition category (1937- 1959), Charlotte Krolokke who was an assistant professor in the University of Southern Denmark, department of

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