Feminism : The Position, Rights And Treatment Of Women

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Throughout the history of the world, the position, rights and treatment of women has always been one of the ‘’unimportant’’ issues and has been not given the attention needed by others all over the world. Even though there has been progress made today, many women still feel oppressed even in the most developed countries. This oppression derives from the lack of education, religious affiliation and the typical stereotypes, which portray men as the ones in charge and women as the weak part of the chain of our societies.
One movement that would help women fight against these stereotypes and leave their own mark on their importance in today’s societies was feminism. Feminism was a stimulant for a lot of women who came together to bring changes in the way they are perceived, there were not alone they were together eager to gain same treatment as men in the workplace, education, politics and in everyday life. However, despite their efforts, even today there are still inequalities between the two genders.
To begin with, lets see what is feminism. Since its appearance, the notion of feminism stimulates questions about what is the precise meaning of this concept. The term of ‘’feminism’’ even though it provokes politicians, philosophers and citizens to express opinions and beliefs still remains unclear. The unidentified character, however, is not associated with either lack of substantial knowledge on the neither matter nor biased distortion. Feminism is one of those terms that…
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