Feminism : The Word That Strikes Fear Into Everyone 's Heart

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Feminism: the word that strikes fear into everyone’s heart. When you think of a woman labeled a feminist, what do you picture? If you answered a man-hating lesbian, who is a hostile, cruel and Nazi-like woman’s rights activist, then you are wrong. Way wrong. Feminism, by definition, is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities; the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes” (Watson 1). In other words, feminism is not solely about gaining equal rights for women, but also gaining equal rights for men. Feminism is a misunderstood, but still very important, aspect of modern-day society. Without feminists and feminism, equal gender rights, both for males and females, will never be accomplished. Negative views of a certain group are more intensely focused on in the media than the positive views in today’s society. Feminism is no different, and more recently, has come under attack, being labeled as an outdated and sexist scapegoat that women fall victim to. Once considered a group of strong, independent women, who fought valiantly for the right to vote, the right to run for office, and the right for bodily autonomy, are now viewed as aggressive, vulgar, anti-men and unattractive. In the article Women Against Feminism: Some Women Want Equality without Anger, the author, Cathy Young, states that many women of modern-day society think of feminism as “the vilification of men, support for female privilege, and a demeaning view
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