Feminism : Waves Of Debates Within Feminism Essay

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Gender 208
Assignment 1: Waves of Debates within Feminism
Feminism, in simple terms, refers to a collective desire to end the oppression of women. Because oppression takes various forms and affects those who are victim to it in a number of different, yet often connected ways; feminism should accordingly be regarded as a multifaceted set of movements working towards multiple aims and ends. Which is to say that feminism is less a single movement concerned with the oppression of women, and more a gathering of movements concerned with a number of oppressive structures, working towards the eradication of domination period. Analysing the works of Mimi Mariuncci (2010), Audre Lorde (1984), and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson (2002) this paper will attempt to answer the question of why intersectionality is imperative to feminist discourse and Praxis, exploring the different areas in which the oppression of women interests with the oppression, marginalisation, and suppression of other minority groups, i.e. queer people, people of colour, people with disabilities, old people, poor people, transgendered, and gender non-conforming people etc.
In the pursuit of inclusivity and intersectionality feminist discourse has been tasked with acknowledging and addressing all forms of oppression as a logic of domination. A theory coined by ecofeminist philosopher Karen Warren which refers to a way of understanding and communicating with the world, and it’s inhabitants, in a way that is structured
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