Feminism : What Is It Anyway? Essay

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Analyzing Magnanti Feminism. What is it Anyway? by Magnanti (2012) is a analysis of feminism. Magnanti highlights the key issues with feminism as well as states her reasoning for not being one. Magnanti uses many examples for how feminism is not inclusive and creates conclusions which prove her argument. This essay is an analysis of Magnanti’s article. It goes over the outline of her premises, conclusions, and argument. The second part is an analysis of Magnanti’s argument, which will go over any informal fallacies and false premises that Magnanti included in her work. The last part outlines how Magnanti could have made her argument stronger. Magnanti’s article is broken down by premise, conclusion, and argument. Throughout Magnanti’s (2012) article, she outlines key conclusions and premises about feminism. Throughout this article Magnanti explains one main conclusion about feminism: feminism is not inclusive; it only prioritizes one type of women’s concerns. In the beginning of her article Magnanti states “Loads of women don’t see mainstream feminism including them”. This conclusion was strengthened by her implicit premises “women are a diverse group” and “their needs vary widely”. The second conclusion Magnanti made was that “women have a hard time finding foothold in the movement too”, which was supported by three premise. The premises are women who are not able-bodied, those who are not born women, and those who are not white. Magnanti makes it clear that she does not

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