Feminism : Why Young Women Get The Willies

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As I grew up I never realized that I was growing up in a family with very feministic views. Growing up I knew my grandmother ruled her house and the women in my family tended to make most of the choices. I never realized that this was so different than others until I started seeing other people’s family structure and the different topics in feminism. So as a child even though I was not raised with the word feminism in my vocabulary but I was getting the base of my feministic outlook on life now. But one of the biggest fears that seemed to happen in the article as well as now is the fear that if you talk feminism or say you are a feminist is that you either hate men but are lesbian. Around here we lean heavily on the age old family values, where you get married and have children. Hogeland also talks about that on 719 of “Fear of Feminism: Why Young Women Get the Willies” when she says that you have to go against homophobia as well as old age family values (Hogeland). This is so true because evne in my own life I don’t want to say I am a feminist around certain groups of people because I know that they would assume I hate men and thus would question any actions I do, even if they have nothing to do with men or feminism as a way to break me down. In areas like this it is still a very big fear to go against age old things that have been passed down from person to person. But in the end while I get that fear, as I myself have it around a few select groups. But as the world is…
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