Feminism : Women And Women

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Feminism Mankind throughout the history has been cruel to women for far too long, women, for example have been deprived off of participation in various activities in a mostly patriarchal societies where in male members of the society have the final say pertaining to the issues affecting the society there by women can only sit down and look. The book described the modern feminism as a product of the enlightenment, and 18th century feminists argued that women were secluded from the public realm, whereas they were well equipped to compete on equal terms with men. These idea in most of the time has been interpreted as the idea behind the subjugation of women by men is just a so called idea of womanhood that women are only supposed to be housekeepers, taking care of the domestic routines that includes, the flowing: cooking, laundry, feeding the kids, make sure their assignments are done, women also has to fold laundry and iron them all by herself as inferior beings to man. To some feminist, these ideas were merely to dominate women and make them feel worthless when it comes to education, politics, things that affects their own surroundings and things that matter the most. These system of biasness against women, have been in practice for so long and still continue to be a norm even in some democracies where certain individuals feel the need that they can control or decide what their female spouses should do. Its worst in mostly undemocratic and overly religious countries

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