Feminism : Women 's Rights

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Man-hater, adherant, and extremist happen to be words people think of when they hear a person talking about feminism. It 's almost as if being a feminist has now become someone who hates men and wants to establish a new kind of society. It appears that the majority people don 't understand what feminism truly is, and they don 't realize how it 's important. Feminism is about gaining equal rights for women and allowing them to have full control over their lives. At a time when women are objectified in so many different cultures, feminism is also about empowering females. Therefore, when a person claims to be a feminist, they mean they care about women 's rights, desires, and issues.

Women 's rights happen to be rights that promote a position of social and legal equality of women with men. For example, in the past women weren 't allowed to better themselves by getting an education (it was considered to be masculine). Theresa Crater says, "Women should be educated in a manner similar to that of men and be treated as human beings, not as a special subspecies called feminine" (Crater 1). Thankfully, there were women during the "awakening of women" who thought just like Theresa Crater. Because of those who stood up for women, education is now open for anyone and everyone. In fact, one of the women that took a stand for females was, Mary Wollstonecraft, author of "A Vindication of the Rights of Women". This draft is about how women in her time were depressed and denied in
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