Feminism and Racism in African American Literature

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Throughout literature, feminism and racism have played crucial roles in the lives of the characters and plotlines in stories and novels. Audiences are captivated by the drama a character must face in order to succeed in life or society. This struggle to overcome personal discrimination and adversity has transcended centuries and genres of literature. African American literature is no exception. Authors of African American literature would base the events that were taking place in the world around them and incorporate them into their novels. Often times this was the only voice African Americans had in society.
The treatment of African Americans in America was filled with brutality and hate. However, they have also suffered by the attempts
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They quickly begin a secret relationship, and before long she runs away with him to get married. However, she will soon learn that life with Joe is no fairy tale either. Joe, or as Janie called him Jody, had dreams of becoming a "big voice" in Eatonville, Florida. He soon becomes mayor, postmaster, storekeeper, and even the biggest landlord in the town. He viewed Janie as a typical trophy wife who was to be seen and never heard from. He hoped to transform her into what he felt the perfect example of a mayor's wife should be. She was beautiful, and in his opinion, should provide a certain example of how a woman of character should behave. At first she gives into Jody's ideas on how she should be acting; however, after 20 years of being silent, Janie finally has her fill.
The store that Jody and Janie owned had become a hang out for several of the men in Eatonville. It was a place for them to swap stories about their days and even their families. Jody, wanting to be an example of how an important member of society was to act, never wanted to be outdone by these men. He would not allow her to express her opinions or thoughts, and would not allow her to stand up for herself or women when she overheard the degrading conversations that the men were having. He made a constant effort to prove his control over Janie by
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