Feminism and the Degradation of Man Essay

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Feminists have been active in their role for decades. The first women who were proponents of women's rights, advocates for self-promotion of women's freedoms and leaders of women into the 20th century, I believe would be appalled at where the current "feminists" have taken their cause. In the late 1960's a movement ensued, a movement of great proportions. This ideological stance of women needing to empower themselves against men and their "inherent violence" began a degradation of men's roles in family and society. Men have been silenced as fathers and husbands. In the early 20th century, boys were taught to protect women, open doors for them, help them carry their groceries and never to hit a woman. The feminists would have us…show more content…
This is directly due to the fact that men cannot have babies and women do not have the upper body strength it takes to tend fields with a horse and plow. It is obvious that the roles of men and women have changed drastically in the last century; some believe it is for the worse. Fathers are being pushed out of their role and seen as unnecessary for discipline and guiding the children to respect women. There is a profound difference in how children are raised in current society. Today's generations are being brought up to be self-motivated and not to need another person. This goes against the very basis of socio-economic growth and the known dependence on society to benefit from one another's contributions. In the past, during an emergency, the men were always the last to get to safety, always putting women and children ahead of themselves for protection. Men have always been the caretakers of women, the providers and the disciplinarians, until the women's movement. A feminist who believes she is capable of anything a man can do should not raise sexist accusations against men when she puts herself in a situation to be treated like a man. If a woman hits a man in a domestic dispute and the man hits her back, she should not be able to have him arrested for abuse. If the man were hit by another man, he would defend himself and
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