Feminism and the Marxist Theory in the Hunger Games

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Title Annually in the country once known as North America, the nation of Panem uses their dictatorship, they call the Capitol to rule over the twelve districts they have created. The Districts have all had major revolts, as a response to these rebellions the government of the Capitol has enacted a cruel intimidation tactic called The Hunger Games. It is a violent event televised nationally throughout all of the districts where a male and female from each district is picked as a Tribute. These Tributes must fight each other to the death and only one survivor will remain. The Hunger Games is the governments approach of displaying the amount of power they posses over the demoralized people of the twelve districts. The character of…show more content…
This is a falsehood, not everyone can be rich, because as a capitalist regime that America runs under that there will be inequality this includes poverty. “A Capitalist society is divided into classes that are defined by the place each class occupies in relation to the production of goods for sale. Owners and investors possess accumulated wealth or capital that allows them to control the production of goods, while workers, because they have no accumulated wealth or capital, must give over their lives to labor in order to survive.” (Ryan 59) “Capitalism is defied by the investment of accumulated wealth in production that exploits workers, extracts value from their labor, and turns it into profit and more wealth for capitalist, causing societies to clash between those who own wealth and the means of manufacturing goods and those who own nothing but their labor power and must sacrifice their lives to the making of wealth for others in order to survive.” (Ryan 60-61) The Marxist Theory is the struggle between social classes within a society. Capitalism is the exploitation of the working class. The working class has many issues such as shortcomings on food, shelter, and clothing things that us as Americans would take for granite. Those who weren’t a part of the working class were divulged in the finer things that life had to offer, from elaborately colorful clothing to gourmet food. This movie is set in a social environment that
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