Feminism at the Concert

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There’s a concert. This gathering is surrounded by the everyday people of America. Everyone is relishing something, whether it is the music, food, or seeing thrilling people on stage or around them. All good things must end, however and suddenly, a word is spoken after an astounding song: Feminism. The crowd goes quiet for one second, then two, and eventually about five until someone shouts out “HAHA THAT MEANS YOU BURN BRAS.” Now, flocks of onlookers boo, laugh, make questionable jokes, or just say “If feminists believe in equality, why isn’t it called humanism?” Now, many people may think that first paragraph was exaggerating. Duh, ever heard of comedic irony? Anyway, what do people think when they hear the word feminism? We can’t really determine everyone’s attitude on it, but there are close approximations, like “Oh, you mean that woman next door who doesn’t shave? She’s gross…” or “Dang ‘ol fem-nazis, taking away men’s rights and thinking they got any!”. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that their reputation isn’t the most respected, with gems like fifteen year old girls blogging about how a guy just looked at their general direction, or saying that men should be inferior, but like politics, there are the good and the bad in every branch. Anyone want to learn more? Then let’s learn a little about the role of a woman before all this stuff even went up into debate. It’s 1890. You’re a little girl in Britain, perhaps hearing about the wondrous achievements of a certain
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