Feminism in Beloved

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A Feminist Outlook on Maternal vs. Paternal Instincts in Beloved Since the beginning of time, the mother and child relationship has differed greatly from the father and child relationship. Though both parents love their child greatly, both parents dare not cross certain boundaries. The limitations of protection for a mother are far different from paternal limitations. In her novel, Beloved, Morrison introduces the subject of infanticide, and explores the differences in justification between men and women. The following will discuss the limitations of parental protection. It will explore the contrast of ideals between male and female parenting in relation to Beloved. The novel Beloved tells a story of a young woman who has escaped…show more content…
A mother has a special loyalty to her child. As previously stated, she has an attachment to the child since the womb. For a father, the loyalty to the child 's welfare has proven to be different. Generally, a father will not hold the same magnitude of nurturing for the child as a mother. For instance, if a couple has separated, a mother is more likely to fight for custody of the child than the father is. Many fathers are content with allowing the mother custody. This displays separation between a mother and child versus a father and child. In Beloved, Paul D confronts Sethe about the article written in the newspaper. The article has a picture of Sethe being taken to jail. Sethe then begins to explain her reasons for trying to kill her children. The following is an excerpt from the movie. In this scene, Paul D confronts Sethe. Paul D: Your love is too big Sethe. Sethe: Love is or it isn 't Paul D, thin love ain 't no love at all. I stopped him. I put my baby 's where they 'd be safe. Paul D: It didn 't work though… Sethe: They ain 't in "Sweet Home". Schoolteacher ain 't got em '. Paul D: There is worse. Sethe: It ain 't my job to know what 's worse. My job is to know when there is danger and keep my children away from it, cause I 'd rather know there in peace I heaven then living hell here on earth, so help me Jesus. Paul D:
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