Feminist Analysis : ' One Of The Means '

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Jun Choi
Mr. Foster/ Ms. Reetz
English 10 Honors
February 9, 2016
Feminist Synthesis Essay “One of the means by which humanity addresses the inequities in society is through art. In its various forms, art has, in particular, confronted the double standards waged against women throughout the ages” (Foster, Reetz). As depicted by the Pantene Commercial, “Labels Against Women”, double standards against women are shown through the motif of the milieu. The surroundings of the individuals portray words that are used to describe the same exact actions in different points of view based on gender. The Miller’s Tale in Canterbury tales explores Alison’s point of view and describes double standards about women’s sexuality and behaviors. “#LikeAGirl”, by Always, creates the idea of how the words, “Like a Girl” became an insult, and how double standards of how girls are weak, or incompetent/inept affect them. Both “Labels Against Women” and “#LikeAGirl” show the oppressive society in which those of the female gender are faced with. The Miller’s Tale shows Alison as the oppressed female who wishes to escape that oppressive environment. “#LikeAGirl”, “Labels Against Women”, and The Miller’s tale all show examples of double standards faced by women while also examining feminist theory using the motif of an oppressive environment, analyzing the cliche “Like a Girl”, and by describing the behaviors of stereotypical women and showing objectification. “Labels Against Women” shows the
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