Feminist Beliefs

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All feminist groups’ beliefs are similar, but there are more differences than similarities. Most feminists say that the power relationship between men and women is just as important as that between social classes in when attempting to understand social change (Hannam). They also believe that recognition of conflict between men and women leads to reinterpretation of standard accounts of past social movements and ideas, and opens up new areas of discovery (Hannam). They sometimes are known to use a Christian understanding of the nature of God and humans to develop their argument that men and women are equal (Minster 5).
Many of the earliest feminists attempted to use the master’s theologically supported hierarchy of ability to only men being
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They state that gender inequality is at the core of society’s culture and values, that socialization in gender roles creates inflexible expectations of men and women, and discrimination stops women from having equal opportunities (“Feminist Perspectives on Society”). They do not seek big change; just expect small changes to take place in the existing structure in order to reach the main goal of creating equal opportunities (“Feminist Perspectives on Society”). They are the most likely to bring the most impact on how women live, and create the biggest population of women with similar beliefs (“Feminist Perspectives on Society”). Liberal feminism is the most mainstream group of beliefs in the world. They simply want peace and equality for…show more content…
An amendment called the Equal Rights Act (Halton), was attempted to be passed and went through the house of congress. Although it was never passed, it proved to the government how compassionate and committed the supporters of women’s rights were, and helped the inequality between men and women under the constitution shine through (Halton). It is also known as a huge factor that assisted women in realizing they deserve the same rights as men, even when they were not in the women’s rights movement. Without it, there is no way of knowing if women would have had the rights they have today.
Another important factor of the feminist movement was the effect it had on education and jobs. They revolutionized the rights that women had in the workplace, and opened thousands of new career paths for women in male-dominated fields. Devoid of the feminist movement, the women of this generation would have never had the equal treatment, laws, and beliefs we have today, or the ability to fight for jobs that aren’t known to be
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