Feminist Camp : An Imaginative Alternative Essay

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Feminist Camp: An Imaginative Alternative An experience where everyone is viewed as equal. A place where you see and hear another story of someone who is less fortunate than you. An environment that makes you take a step back from society and view the world with one single lens of solely beauty. An opposite practice of todays societal norms of reaching to be the same as majority groups. When thinking about childhood experiences, camp stands out in my mind as a place where I have received the best advice as well as an eye opener to someone else’s life journeys. Reminding me that everyone has their own struggles in society and it is okay to have your own interest. Multiple theorists have researched feminist thought and the importance of educating school age children about equality and the freedom to choose. Oftentimes, education has failed to cover feminist thought leaving the youths’ perspective on minority groups to be judgemental and usually causing bullying to take place in the school environment. An alternative project to improve society is to teach children about intersectionality through a mandatory Feminist Camp for school age children. Students are bullied when they fit outside of societal norms by gender binaries, sex shaming, racism as well as those who are minority or oppressed. Project The Feminist Camp would incorporate major teachings of feminist theories in order to educate youth as well as create a space for adults to teach their own experiences challenging
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