Feminist Criticism In Shilooh By Bobbie Ann Mason

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I really enjoyed reading Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason, which was a great short story that signified feminist criticism. Feminist criticism is known to be portrayed as criticism formed and based of a feminist theory, in other words it's the way society sees gender roles. In this case, in the short story Shiloh, they mention many points and examples throughout the story on how one of the main characters Norma Jean, has to face many issues and overcome obstacles based on her gender, being a woman. They basically imply the way society sees woman playing only certain roles but at the same time challenging the idea of it.
In the story Shiloh, Norma Jean faces many dilemmas involving gender roles. To begin with she got married when she was 18 which resulted in her having a baby. Her mom, Mabel, didn't want her to have a kid knowing that it wasn't going to turn out good, which was proven correct when Norma lost her baby at 4 months old. Since then she had been living with her husband Leroy, who happened to hardly be home due to work. Throughout that whole time while Leroy worked, she stayed home like a typical housewife but things started to change after some time. Norma started getting used to his absence, provoking her to do her own thing and to become her own person. For once she had felt independendent like she was able to do her own things instead of living up to everyones else expectations. When Leroy got into the car accident at work that drastically affected Norma preventing
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