Feminist Criticism Of Great Expectations

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Feminist Criticism of Great Expectations The correct portrayal of women in literature is highly significant as women have been marginalized throughout history. Although Charles Dickens wrote powerful and dominant female characters in his novel Great Expectations, Dickens’ portrayal of female strength is unsympathetic considering the period when he wrote this novel. During the Victorian Era, women never had dominance in situations and had less rights than men. In this case, Dickens alienated the female characters by writing them with characteristics that imply a negative connotation to the readers. Negative characteristics are still important for the development of a character, of course, but the Dicken’s depiction submits that women victimize Pip. The patriarchy and power in relationships are contrasted by the powerful female characters. Furthermore, the differences between men and women in Great Expectations are connected to social constructs rather than biological development. In addition, each female character have a significant impact on the male protagonist, Pip. Each female character is also shown negatively on how each of them is “redeemed” as the plot advances. To begin with, the power in the relationships in the novel lean towards the women. This isn’t inherently bad, but considering a few aspects, such as how Dicken’s depiction of the female characters and that he wrote the novel in the Victorian era, this portrayal of women is misogynistic. For example, Mrs.

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