Feminist Foundations

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Feminist Foundations

As the feminist movement has progressed through several generations it has shifted quite a bit in its general approach and theory. Contemporary writers such as Baumgardner and Richards, and Henry have illustrated a generational shift away from structurally aimed actions, and towards individual acts of subversion and small political actions (Baumgardner and Richards 126-202). This current course is very similar to the direction of other highly organic movements such as sustained dialogue. Feminism though, is particularly well documented, justified, and understood. Thus by comparing the feminist movement’s present tack to that of sustained dialogue, it will be possible to gain insight into the direction
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I would like to expand this and say that the dominant culture’s constant barrage of feedback may obscure mocking or satirical actions for the actual individuals performing them. It is quite possible that enactors of contextual actions will be applauded by the dominant culture which misses the subtlety, and that this may lead to an obfuscation of their message or even to a corruption of their own beliefs as the appeal of acceptance becomes increasingly prevalent.

Contextual actions are directed at subversion based on an individual’s defined sense of identity, but these actions may become greatly skewed as the context is removed or modified. In her essay “Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses.”, Chandra Talpade Mohanty demonstrates how we misunderstand oppression within other cultures because we do not understand the specific context of women in that culture (Mohanty 335, 337, 340). We can use this to draw a parallel to our contextual actions, in that individuals outside of the context may miss the significance of an action. This occurs not only for individuals in different situations within the same dominant culture, but more severely for individuals of different cultures. The problem here is that because individuals do not understand a particular action as being subversive the result is that the deed normalizes a certain behavior as being what is

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