Essay about Feminist Ideas the Screwball Comedy Film Genre

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The Screwball comedy is a film genre that found its way onto the screens in the early 1930s and lasted till the early 1940s. They were a consequence of the newly adapted censorship law in 1934 that restricted addressing adult content on screen. They therefore incorporated more comedic and creative ways of symbolizing topics such as sex and homosexuality. Screwball comedies were mainly based on plots that had conflict between social classes as their many premise and always had a happy ending which was almost always marriage. This consistent maintenance of the status quo of marriage is a major aspect of feminism depicted in screwball comedies (Heather 26). While advocating for marriage, screwball comedies highlighted the shift in the …show more content…
In the first and most typical screwball comedy, It Happened One Night, Ellie Andrews, an heiress from a wealthy family falls in love with Peter, a recently fired reporter. This is an example of such interaction between the social classes that screwball comedies sought to depict. Ellie Andrews runs away from her very wealthy father in defiance to go back to her husband¸ King Westley, who does not enjoy the approval of her father. While her defiance against her father does not highlight feminism in the context of marriage, it is perhaps a sign of the growing level of outward expression by women which ultimately fuels feminism. Ellie Andrews soon loses her luggage and runs out of money. She then meets Peter, the recently fired reporter. Peter offers her help and in exchange He gets to write her story. She agrees to this deal and their journey of several days begins. They grow closer as each day passes which leads to Ellie declaring her love for Peter. As a result of this, Ellie is depicted as an aggressor which highlights a trait consistent with feminism. Ellie wakes up one morning alone as a result of a failed romantic gesture on Peter’s part and concludes that she has been abandoned. Defeated and alone, she calls her father

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