Feminist In The Captured Goddess

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Can we all be looked at as the same? In this world there are people that think that women aren’t the same as men and cannot do what men can do. They believe one sex is superior to the other. But there are people who are not like that; a good example of this is in the Poem “ The captured Goddess”. In this poem it’s a guy that is in love with a girl and but he is afraid to approach her. My theory to support my thesis is Feminist. ”Feminist critic seek to redress the In balance of literary Study and went on choir books are written by men were the only characters of real interest are male protagonist as stated (Literature pg. 2174).” The way the author wrote this poem has to do with her past. The poem is written in the men point of view and the role the men played was that he is the one who fell in love for the girl and she has no idea over his feelings.…show more content…
Amy was raised in a family that women were assumed to assume the busy roles of wife, mother, and socialite. The thing was she didn’t like that and always hated the way people thought that women had to perform those roles and also always be the ones who had to find the perfect man and all the men had to do is wait for the women to choose him over others. By having this life experience she wrote a poem about a men being afraid to meet a women he likes. Many authors write about how they wished something was or how they would of wished there life had been. They use writing as a fantasy life. “ Men Chaffered for her”, (Amy Lowell pg.1351 volume D) this is a line she wrote in her poem and is an example of how she wished life were in the past. We know that that’s not how it was back then but that women chaffered over
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